Welcome to The Special Belly. This website has been an idea in the making for a long time. I am so excited to tell you about the healing diet that changed our lives!

Symptoms and Diagnosis- 2014

In 2014, our daughter’s 2-year-old body started doing some upsetting things. We began to notice blood in her poop. She would throw up at seemingly random times. She would break out into hives all over her body for what seemed like no reason at all. After visits with her pediatrician, a few GI doctors and finally an emergency colonoscopy/endoscopy, she was diagnosed with Early Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). We didn’t want to give Kylie the stigma of having a ‘disease’, so we just referred to the IBD as a ‘special belly’.

Her doctors put her on all sorts of medication to get the inflammation under control. Then we were told that she would need to be on some of these medicines for life. All of this news was upsetting, and we felt hopeless and alone.

The Need for Change- 2017

During the next couple years, I engrossed myself in diet and gut research. We tried a few manageable elimination diets- gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free with the exception of corn- but still there was inflammation. In 2018, Kylie’s GI doctor told us that we needed to get the lingering inflammation under control. We would need to add the “next level” of medication: an immunosuppressant. WHAT, I thought?! We can’t suppress her immune system! She’s a kid who puts her fingers in her mouth. She’ll be sick 24/7! That was the final straw. We needed a better solution. I told her doctor that we would not be adding any new medication, and her response was, “what do you think you’re going to do, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or something?”. YES! I had read about this diet. In fact, it was mentioned to me years before when I was too overwhelmed to consider something so restrictive. But now we had experience with elimination diets. We were more prepared, and I was determined!

Specific Carbohydrate Diet- 2018 to Now

February 19, 2018 was Kylie’s first day on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and her last day on medication. It was daunting and a whole new level of overwhelming! This diet is restrictive and takes effort. It required me to learn to cook in a whole new way. Almost everything needs to be prepared in your own kitchen. But after only 6 weeks on the SCD diet, Kylie’s inflammatory markers were the lowest they had ever been- down to a ‘normal’ level. I was overjoyed, and we were committed! We quickly learned that SCD meals are not boring or bland. The fresh, whole foods are exciting and delicious! After just months on the diet, Kylie’s colonoscopy showed nearly zero inflammation and none of the ulcers she once had. Her doctor once commented that Kylie had the “cleanest looking belly I’ve seen in a year”. Thanks to the SCD and squeaky-clean eating, she continues to be strong, healthy and growing!

A Way of Life

SCD is not just a diet, it’s a way of life. We are over 5 years into this lifestyle and more committed than ever! Being the supportive mom, I too have embraced this lifestyle. It has transformed the way I think about food and its effects on the body. In my pursuit of knowledge, I completed classes in Vitamins, Minerals and Nutraceuticals and their purpose in the body. I attained certifications to teach Health and Physical Education to all K-12 grade levels. And after becoming pretty adept in the kitchen, I even began a meal prep and delivery business in 2021. I offered mostly SCD legal, whole food-focused meals and snacks. It turns out, LOTS of people crave this way of eating, as the business grew quickly! But preparing meals just wasn’t enough. I want to support others in their pursuit of squeaky-clean eating. My goal is to provide resources, recipes and creative inspiration that can help you change your life: whether you need to heal your special belly or just want to eat clean, whole foods and feel amazing!

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