Grain-Free SCD Legal Granola

Grain-Free SCD Legal Granola

Why bother making your own granola

Granola: Every grocery store sells it. Most stores have half an aisle dedicated to it. There are so many variations: chewy granola bars, crunchy bars, Keto-friendly granola, gluten-free granola and dozens of others. With so many options, why even bother making your own? If you are following the SCD diet like we do, homemade Grain-Free SCD Legal granola is one of our very few options. But even if you are not tied to a restricted diet, homemade may just be the way to go. Check the label of your favorite granola. There may just be some sneaky, unnecessary ingredients lurking in your “healthy” snack. Many of the top brands have ingredients like:

  • soybean oil
  • corn syrup
  • corn syrup solids
  • invert sugar
  • glycerin
  • sorbitol
  • ‘natural flavor’

Can I buy Grain-Free granola that is SCD Legal

After checking the labels, we’ve found a number of clean granolas! Some are SO close to being SCD legal. But the only one I have found that contains all SCD legal ingredients is the Wellbee’s brand. (Which is the brand of all SCD legal products.) Every now and then I will order a bag so that my daughter has something “store bought” to eat. But making granola so easy and it ensures that you know exactly what is going to into your truly healthy snack!

How to enjoy homemade granola

This Grain-Free SCD Legal Granola is crunchy and addictive! As written, it is simple and just slightly sweet- the way we prefer it. But the best part about homemade is the option to customize!

  • Add extra dried fruit.
  • Add coconut flakes.
  • Switch the type of nuts.
  • Add extra honey.
  • Add more spices.
  • If not following SCD, add chia, flax or hemp seeds or indulge and add dark chocolate chips.

Now grab a spoon and sprinkle your homemade healthy treat on top of yogurt, this banana “ice cream”, or even your favorite salad and enjoy!

Grain-Free SCD Legal Granola

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