All Things Halloween- SCD Legal

All Things Halloween- SCD Legal

It’s October and we are entering into the holiday gauntlet! This time of year can be a bit tricky if you are strictly following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Halloween is especially tough because it is all about candy!! We try to downplay the sugar as much as possible and make the night more about dressing up and hanging out with friends. But a few SCD legal treats make Halloween and the days leading up to it a lot more fun. Friends, I have compiled for you all things Halloween, all SCD legal. Hopefully some of these ideas might inspire you to get a little creative. Please use these ideas to treat yourself and your family and friends to a guilt-free version of what is normally a spooky-for-your-gut holiday!

Apple Fangs

A crowd favorite and a super healthy Halloween snack. Watch me make them below. It doesn’t get any easier than red apples, nut butter and some knife skills.

Watch me make Apple Fangs

Deviled Eggs with Spiders

These traditional deviled eggs are simply topped with spooky spiders. I think they look very realistic! You will need 1.5 black olives for each spider.

  1. Use one half of the olive for the body.
  2. Slice the remaining 2 halves into 8 strips to form legs.

Mandrin Orange Pumpkins

Mandrin oranges are in season and can be found in every store.

  1. Peel those oranges well, removing as much as the white pith and stringy veins as possible.
  2. Insert a 1-inch slice of celery in the opening to create the stem.

Canteloup Cemetary

This is so easy but looks really cute!

  1. Cut cantaloupe into trapezoid headstone shapes.
  2. Using a sharpie on a small piece of paper, create the headstone inscription. The paper will stick right to the moist cantaloupe.

Ghost Toast

Use any savory SCD legal bread recipe to create the base for your goul-ish toast.

  1. Slicing the bread
  2. Cut a slice of white SCD legal cheese into a ghost body shape.
  3. Melt the cheese on the bread, then while the cheese is still warm, use a toothpick to create the eyes and mouth.

Spooky Bloodshot Eyeball

I love making these for Halloween Day breakfast! My daughter doesn’t like her eggs over easy, but if you do, these would turn out even cuter, using the round yolk for the iris.

  1. Fry an egg either over easy or completely cooked.
  2. Slice across the small end of an avocado to create the iris of the eye.
  3. Create the pupil with a slice of chicken sausage or black olive.
  4. Create bloodshot veins with SCD legal ketchup. I usually put a small amount of ketchup in a ziplock baggie. Then I cut the corner tip off to make a ‘piping bag’. This allows more control when piping the ketchup on.

Breakfast Sausage Spider

These little darlings make the perfect accompaniment to the Spooky Bloodshot Eyeball above. Make sure to use SCD legal sausage like Applegate Organic Chicken Apple or make your own Turkey Breakfast Sausage. (Make sure to form it into links!)

  1. Slice a link of SCD legal sausage in half long ways.
  2. Slice one side in half to form the body.
  3. With the remaining sausage, create legs.
  4. Using ketchup, make dots for the eyes.

Halloween Night Trick-Or-Treats

Our tradition has always been to buy back our kids’ Halloween candy. They love to dump out their buckets and separate it into piles (as all kids do!). We will agree to pay the kids a set amount for different types of candy: $.25 for Reese’s Cups, $.50 for full size candy bars, etc. The kids get calculators and do the math. It’s a win for everyone! Mom gets to rid the house of excess sugar and the kids get “rich”! (Plus there is a hidden math lesson. Bonus win!)

However, I do love having SCD legal treats that our daughter can enjoy with the rest of her friends while trick-or-treating. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity! I have packaged all of these treats using a Mini-Bag Sealer. This little gadget has come in so handy. Read all about how I use it in THIS article.

This Halva is one of the few SCD legal treats/desserts you can buy in a store. It’s a really yummy treat made from only sesame seeds and honey. We all love this confection!

Small packs of SCD legal granola. Try this delicious recipe for Grain-Free SCD Legal Granola that even our non-SCD following friends and family devour!

Use this 4 Ingredient Homemade Marshmallow recipe to create a treat that again, even non-SCD following folk this is superior to store bought! Mini pumpkin and leaf cookie cutters make this treat even more fun.

After all of that sugar, a crunchy, salty snack just sounds good. I packaged some homemade pumpkin seeds that we roasted after carving our pumpkins. Any roasted, salted nut would be great to add to the sweet mix!

Do you have a favorite SCD legal Halloween treat? I would love to hear about your creativity! Pop a picture or your ideas in the comment section below. If you use any of the suggestions above, please tag @thespecialbelly on Instagram or Facebook. I can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

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